PLANT MALL – Plant Fair at the Europeum

Between 19-21 May, the Europeum will be green with our first plant fair! 🪴 Pick up beautiful, healthy houseplants for your home and learn all about mindful plant care. We’re opening the Plant Fair and we’re getting you ready for 3 days:🛍️ Plant Fair with the city’s top exhibitors💡 Useful professional lectures organised by Urban …




Is sustainable fashion important to you? Then head to the Europeum Facebook page, show your support and win a 25.000 HUF Swappis voucher. The game runs until 30 November. Also, please remember that this Friday the fair finally opens its doors, and Swappis is preparing with the most special seasonal collection.

Már csak egy nap

Only One Day Left

JUST 1 DAY to go until our Vintage Clothes Fair for sustainability. What we can tell you is that Swappis has a huge and super cool collection, so you’ll definitely have something to browse! We can’t wait to meet you, we look forward to seeing you! Opening: Friday 15:00

Vintage ruhavásár

Sustainable VINTAGE SHOP At The Europeum

If sustainability is important to you and you’re into beautiful, quality vintage and second-hand pieces, be sure to visit Europeum’s first Sustainable Vintage Clothing Fair from 25 to 27 November. Collect the season’s hottest pieces at a pop-up fair upstairs thanks to Swappis Ruhaforgó. We’ll be bringing you a special selection of clothes, accessories, shoes …